Namaste, One of life's most enjoyable experience is feeling calm and relaxed. Which can bring forth feelings of internal ease, comfort, security and well being. It's not always convenient to attain relaxation outside of oneself, especially when we believe that relaxation is only possible in a certain location or receving some particular service. For example it's easy to relax when taking a leisurely walk in nature or receving a wonderful massage. Relaxation is an inner practice that can be learnt with consisten training of proven methods. We first have to learn how to relax the body, through to the nervous system, down through the senses and then the mind.

Increasing your daily experiences of well being is the intention of these practices. An increase of bliss, ease and well being is achieveable through daily practices of systematic relaxation and meditation. The first preparation to medition is practicing systematic relaxation and they're four systematic relaxation practices. These four techniques were created and developed to deliver mental & physical ease. These practices may enhance sleep quality, lessen unwelcome worries, control high blood pressure, reduce stress, panic attacks, anxiety and prepare the mind and body for the sucessful practice of meditation. Meditation is the path to understanding non-duality or advaita, which opens the experience of the oneness of life. It is consciousness expansion and living in the present moment, it enables you to comprehend the true nature of reality. The attainment of non-duality erases judgment and labels. With its thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and habits, the mind prevents you from seeing what is beyond it. The mind envelops your awareness and obscures your vision behind a veil. Allowing you to see the world only through it's veil and senses, which is misleading in and of it's nature. Let's get you started with making peace with life itself, by removing the misleading veil of the mind and it's senses.