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200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with MitSukha at Grenada Fountain of Youth Yoga Studio in September 2016. I had decided to complete the training after practicing on a regular basis at the studio with MitSukha. At the time I was having trouble adjusting to a new country and way of life. Yoga was something that eased that transition and taught me to surrender and practice gratitude. Before coming to Grenada, I had not experienced yoga classes where I felt such a sense of well being after a class like hers and I was drawn to deepen my practice.I went into training expecting one thing but came out gaining so much more than I could ever imagine. We went over anatomy, instructing proper alignment, the fundamentals of yoga and theory. We were expected to complete daily reading, personal practice, and meditation. We learned Sanskrit, breath/pranayama techniques and how to give verbal and hands on adjustments. We took our own time to do personal research on yoga and health conditions/risks.You will be surrounded by a beautiful island connecting with nature and free from the hustle and bustle of a city atmosphere. You will learn everything you need in t200-hour yoga teacher training but the things that stood out the most about this teacher training for me, was the intimacy and the depth of knowledge. MitSukha took time with our small class of students, to talk and question things. She took time to go over the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita (which was not my strong suite). Her practice, wisdom, and dedication, is incredibly inspiring and shines through this training.You learn that the benefits of yoga reach far beyond just poses/asana practice and if you are willing to open up to all there is to gain from this practice your life will be transformed. If the student is ready, she will help you build a strong foundation and understanding of this very personal practice. She provides the perfect amount of support and if you are interested in deepening your yoga practice, I would recommend taking the journey to Grenada and completing this training with her. I am so grateful to have shared this practice with her and to train with an incredible teacher. I am humbled to share this practice with other yogis as an instructor and am forever grateful for my time in this training.NamasteMirandaOm Shanti Shanti Shanti

by Kathrine Krarup on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Simply amazing

I stayed in Grenada for five months doing volunteering work. During my five months I did yoga with Mit Sukha every week. Doing yoga with her is absolutely one of the best yoga practices I've had. The studio is perfect located and you can hear the waves from the beach while practicing. You always feel welcome in her studio and she always meets you with warmth and a smile! Mit Sukha introduced me to wall yoga which is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend going to the studio. Everyone I brought to the studio also absolutely loved it!I also did her eco tour which was an unforgettable experience. We started early in the morning doing yoga with a breathtaking view at fort Frederick. Afterwards we went to the volcano lake in the rain Forrest where we meditated and had a lovely vegetarian lunch and homemade tea. I really enjoyed the trip. You also get to take awesome pictures of yourself doing yoga at a beautiful location.Mit Sukha is awesome, and I'm looking forward to going back one day soon! I really miss Mit Sukha and doing my practice at her studio!

by Chase Dean on Fountain of Youth Yoga

There is no yoga studio and teacher that I miss more than the Fountain of Youth and MitSukha! This site is amazing. So happy to see that you are doing great things! I hope some day to join you for one of your retreats. Miss you and Grenada a lot!Your student,Chase

by Wanna_travel_4eva on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Tranquil slice of yogi heaven

When I stumbled upon fountain of youth yoga studio I knew I would be spending a lot of time here. After traveling through the Caribbean and having trouble finding places to practice I was overjoyed to find MitSukha and her studio. I also did the Eco yoga tour with a friend and highly recommend this activity to anyone looking for a relaxing wellness activity. I love this studio, the teachers and am sad my stay in Grenada is coming to an end because I'll miss these goddesses!

Namaste Wanna travel 4eva :)

A big warm thank you from our community/team at Fountain of youth, we loved every minute spent sharing practice with you, we are sad to see you leave and we hope the universe will reunite us in practice in the near future..

Om Shanti..Shanti..Shanti..
MitSukha | Dawnelle | Kathrine

by Soulsister on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Enlightened experience

I had the opportunity of practicing at the Fountain of Youth studio with MitSukha while visiting Grenada and I have to say that my practice improved on so many different levels. I found her studio through Tripadvisor which led me to her webpage, in her pictures she appears steady, calm and strong and that appealed to me. I took group and private classes with her and what a difference and growth for my practice. Her knowledge of yoga and meditation is sound, she understands the mechanics of how to open, strengthen, improve balance and flexibility for each individual body. My meditation practice is no longer a struggle to me due to the techniques she taught me. She has a wonderful community of practitioners and two kittens Zen and Om, (which she puts away if anyone is allergic) but they are a source of joy at the studio. I felt very welcomed and included. MitSukha is a great teacher, the best I have had, I am grateful for the time spent practicing and learning from her. I am already looking into attending one of her upcoming Yoga Vacation Retreats. Yoga with MitSukha is truly an experience of bliss, ease and wellbeing.

Namaste Soulsister,

Thank you for this very kind feedback, so thankful to have met you and shared practice with you. I am looking forward to seeing you soon at our retreat, we look forward to welcoming you back.

In gratitude

Fountain of Wellness

How blessed those are who have MitSukha as their yoga teacher. She transforms the FOY into a fountain of wholeness the moment you enter the studio. MitSukha's teaching style is very compassionate, sensitive and filled with an open heart that is palpable and so very comforting for any kind of level practitioner to feel welcomed, respected and at home whatever their personal physical capabilities. This is what makes a good, a very good teacher with paedagogic skills that aren't found often in people who think they want or believe they can teach! I am very grateful and consider myself fortunate that the universe made me stop in front of Fountain Of Youth Yoga Studio on that blessed day in January. Thank you for every in and every out breath guided by you MitSukha. I'm looking forward to continuing my practice with you and all the other very welcoming yogis of yours in winter for 6 months. May you be happy. May you be healthy . May you be safe.F.O.Y is THE place to go when heart mind and spirit wish to live in a balanced body in a clean environment with lots of smiles and love and a very competent and dedicated teacher.With Metta,Manuela

“Yoga Eco Tour”

This was my second tour with Mit Sukha which left me full of gratitude to take my yoga and meditation practice to a higher level literally, whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the Fort in St Georges and then proceeding thousands of feet to the beautiful natural surroundings of Grand Etang Lakes. This is a unique spiritual experience and highly recommended to yogis. Mit Sukha is an excellent teacher who caters for all levels. Her true passion and commitment for yoga shines through.

“Eco yoga and meditation”

I joined Mit Sukha on her eco yoga and meditation tour in Grenada - this was a really lovely trip where we enjoyed a great yoga with a beautiful view over the island and then had a peaceful meditation sesssion at Grand Etang lake. This was a really lovely morning and Mit Sukha was friendly, helpful and a great teacher. Recommended for anyone keen on yoga during their trip!

Peaceful and revitalising

MitSukha was my first yoga teacher when I started 3 1/2 years ago, and although I have enjoyed working with other teachers, I will always consider her my mentor in yoga. She is wonderful at working with peoples' strengths and weaknesses, challenging those she knows, and gently encouraging first time visitors. I have taken numerous guests to her classes, and even those who haven't found a connection to yoga before are taken by the loving atmosphere she develops. I hope to have her help in continuing my yoga practice for many more years to come!

Highlight of our trip

We were so fortunate to find FOYY! We scheduled a private session during our cruise stop and could not have been happier. Tremendous instruction and expertise. Kind and caring. We're thinking about a return trip...but this time for a full week of practice. Don't miss out.

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