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MitSukha is a very patient and calm teacher, sharing her knowledge of this practice with grace and humour. A Superb teacher, she has a way of leading you to the practice of teaching that will enhance your own practice immensely and help with your own teaching later. Through her guidance, I have learnt to not force myself into postures and to be more connected with a calm breath. I would highly recommend her 200hr course to anyone wishing to explore yoga for themselves or to share with other students. Namaste MitSukha.

Namaste Mark,

Thank you so much for your kind review, I appreciate it very much. It was such a great experience to have shared this training with you. I observed and enjoyed seeing your progress throughout the training. You are committed to your practice and seek to genuinely understand the discipline. You are open to embracing changes to help you along your journey and are a natural teacher. I look forward to seeing how your life's journey and teaching unfolds.

In Gratitude, Always

by Maya Masri on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training Review

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Mitsukha, you can agree that she is one of the loveliest people you’ll ever know! Her love and knowledge of Yoga is unmatched. She’s very attentive and made each practice suitable for our needs. Her knowledge and support has allowed me to understand my body better and to delve deeper into my practice, thus in turn in allowing me to help others honour their bodies through their own practice. She is the embodiment of living yoga off of the mat, as she always emphasized healing, learning and acceptance - teaching us that yoga is not just the pose but how we live our every day lives and the choices we make. There is still so many things I can say. A fantastic teacher turned friend. If you have the opportunity to take a class or do a teacher training with her, I guarantee it will change your life for the better. Thank you for everything Mitsukha!

Namaste Maya,

Thank you very much for your kind words, I appreciate your review. One of the best experiences of training small groups of Yoga teachers at a time is the opportunity to truly connect with each student. We share a learning journey that is life changing, I also learn a great deal from each student. Maya, you are a wise, kind and helpful Soul and those are some of the most important aspects of a teacher. You deserve to live your life filled with peace and freedom because there is much for you to share and serve with this world.

In Gratitude, Always

Amazing Influencer/Leader

Five Stars for MitSukha because she is more than a Yoga “Guru” for me in that not only has she taught me everything essential I needed to know to start instructing at a 200 hr level but has continued to help me in my journey moving forward as friend, champion, advocate and leader - both personally and professionally!

Namaste Pri,

Thank you so much for your review and kind words, the community we form during and after our training is one that I am truly grateful for. You are an intuitive and knowledgeable teacher with so much to share with the world. Thank you for all that you continue to share and for allowing me the opportunity for us to be here for each other as we journey ahead.

In Gratitude, Always

by Sophia Browne on Fountain of Youth Yoga
200Hr Yoga Teacher Training With MitSukha

I completed the 200hr RYT training earlier this year with MitSukha in Barbados and it was excellent. After this training, I definitely know the benefits of centering, Pranayama, Systematic relaxation, Savasana and meditation because I have been able to integrate these into my teaching and my own practice with more understanding.

I feel very fortunate that I was able to share this experience and knowledge with this group of wonderful people. I know that while I learned a lot from MitSukha and was able to enhance my own practice with her intuitive guidance, I also learned a lot from those learning besides me as well.

I will forever be grateful to MitSukha for coming to Barbados and sharing her knowledge, insights and love of Yoga and community with us. Truly a terrific human being!

Namaste Sophia,

Thank you so much for your kind words and review, it was such a great experience sharing this training and journey with you and the group. You are a very skilful, thoughtful, knowledgeable and experienced Yoga teacher. Your students are lucky to have you teach them. You are a beautiful and kind being and Soul, thank you for being you.

In Gratitude, Always

Unforgettable 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher TrainingCannot praise MitSukha enough! I completed my 200hr YTT with her last year and it was such a wonderfully fulfilling experience. It completely reshaped my practice, allowed me to better understand my mental, physical and spiritual limitations and how to work with them, not against them. I was exposed to various aspects of yoga, not just the physical practice, and learned how to apply the complete practice to various aspects of life. MitSukha is an experienced, thoughtful and patient teacher. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete this training with her and with the beautiful souls who were learning beside me. If you're looking to become a yoga instructor, or just want to deepen your understanding of the yoga practice, you've come to the right place!!Nicole

Namaste Nicole,

Thank you very much for this kind and wonderful review, it's very much appreciated and thank you for choosing our program. I am always grateful to share the full scope of the 8 Limbs of Yoga with students seeking to become Yoga teachers. The amazing thing about this journey is learning to take care of ourselves with love and truth in the hopes to transform our lives and to serve those seeking a peaceful path.

In Gratitude Always

by Bridget Murphy on Fountain of Youth Yoga
200Hr Yoga Teacher Training With MitSukha

I completed a 200 RYT training last fall with MitSukha in Grenada. Prior to completing the training, I had not been able to get into advanced poses I figured I should have before attempting teacher training - handstand, crow, etc. I emailed MitSukha (whom I had not met previously) my concerns, and she assured me that as long as I had the right intentions for the training, not to worry, as specific asanas were not required.The yoga training completely changed my mind about yoga. Prior to attending teacher training, I figured there was definitely a universal "perfect" way of completing a pose, that asanas/poses were the only components to yoga, and that the only goal of yoga was to master increasingly complex poses. Not only did the teacher training dispel all of my myths, but MitSukha really instructed me in finding a yoga practice for myself that is invigorating, challenging and based on MY body, both mental and physical.The training is rigorous, and by the end, I felt a total confidence to be able to share my knowledge with others. I thank MitSukha for not only the training but instilling a true sense of what yoga is. Life changing training, and I highly encourage everyone with an interest in completing yoga teacher training to seek out MitSukha!

Namaste Bridget, Thank you so very kindly for this wonderful review, it's much appreciated. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to have you be part of our Yoga Teacher training, you are a natural teacher and I know you will serve other wells with your training. I am most grateful that you did this training and discovered the full truth of all that Yoga encompasses. Your questions were so revealing as to the many misconceptions about the discipline, thankful we were able to dispell many of them during the training. In Gratitude Always - MitSukha

by Veronika on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Yoga Teacher Training 200 HR in Grenada With MitSukha

I had done some yoga classes before and to be honest I never felt like it was really "my cup of tea" until I arrived in Grenada and tried yoga with Mit Sukha. After the first class, I definitely wanted to return and continue practising. I can still remember that feeling of positive and healing energy, my mind was calm and confident. After few months I ended up starting the Yoga teaching training. It was incredible how fast it changed my mind and body as well.The period of training was very busy, but day by day I could see and feel more and more confident in what we were doing. It was a journey through myself. I came to realise many things about my character and my personality. Not just a simple "training to became a teacher", it made me come out as a different person, a person who realized the sense of Yoga and became a regular practicant.This Yoga Teacher Training taught me not only how to practice and lead a yoga class, but also that there is still a lot to discover and study about life from another perspective and that every day there are so many things that we should appreciate.Thank you MitSukha for being such a great Teacher for us.

Thank you for this wonderful review Veronika, it's much appreciated. I cannot even begin to thank you for being one of the most beautiful students I have had the honour to train. The icing on the cake was to have you be part of and help create a beautiful Yoga community while you were in Grenada. I cherish our friendship.
In Gratitude Always

by Stephanie Douglas on Fountain of Youth Yoga
200hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

November 1st, 2017 was a day unlike any other. Yes, the sun rose and the island slowly started to wake up with life. But that day marked the first day of me becoming a Yoga teacher. My mind did a 360 when I found out about the 8 Limbs of Yoga, that alone stumped me. I thought yoga was just the practice of asanas, what do you mean it has eight limbs for us to consider? I was ecstatic to find a lot of spirituality, philosophy and just learning to have more discipline of one's self.Mitsukha led the teacher training and had us dive right into the tradition. We learned through the Sutras that we (human beings) are islands of excellence and by doing yoga, we can transform ourselves to our highest nature. All it takes is practice, dedication and unwavering commitment. After being saturated with so much knowledge and practice during the day, Mitsukha gave us daily content to read, Sanskrit to learn, and meditation exercise to practice at home, which I couldn't wait to do. My thirst for the knowledge of the Limbs of Yoga could not be quenched. Thank goodness Mitsukha kept a steady flow of knowledge coming our way.Weeks went on and we learned so much about basic anatomy, how to build a sequence and how to offer gentle adjustments to our students. Mitsukha’s knowledge seemed to flow forever like the sea but eventually, our training came to an end. We graduated and felt inspired to carry on the tradition that our teachers have long held before us. I learned many things, more than I could have ever expected, especially how important it is to be present with each moment and to teach my students from a very present and aware place. If you like what you are reading and thinking about taking a course with her—then just follow your heart and do it already!

Namaste Stephanie,

Thank you so kindly for this wonderful review, it's very much appreciated. What a wonderful journey of sharing and learning and growing we experienced. Always, with much gratitude.


by Miranda Matsuo on Fountain of Youth Yoga
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training

I completed my 200 hour teacher training with MitSukha at Grenada Fountain of Youth Yoga Studio in September 2016. I had decided to complete the training after practicing on a regular basis at the studio with MitSukha. At the time I was having trouble adjusting to a new country and way of life. Yoga was something that eased that transition and taught me to surrender and practice gratitude. Before coming to Grenada, I had not experienced yoga classes where I felt such a sense of well being after a class like hers and I was drawn to deepen my practice.I went into training expecting one thing but came out gaining so much more than I could ever imagine. We went over anatomy, instructing proper alignment, the fundamentals of yoga and theory. We were expected to complete daily reading, personal practice, and meditation. We learned Sanskrit, breath/pranayama techniques and how to give verbal and hands on adjustments. We took our own time to do personal research on yoga and health conditions/risks.You will be surrounded by a beautiful island connecting with nature and free from the hustle and bustle of a city atmosphere. You will learn everything you need in t200-hour yoga teacher training but the things that stood out the most about this teacher training for me, was the intimacy and the depth of knowledge. MitSukha took time with our small class of students, to talk and question things. She took time to go over the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita (which was not my strong suite). Her practice, wisdom, and dedication, is incredibly inspiring and shines through this training.You learn that the benefits of yoga reach far beyond just poses/asana practice and if you are willing to open up to all there is to gain from this practice your life will be transformed. If the student is ready, she will help you build a strong foundation and understanding of this very personal practice. She provides the perfect amount of support and if you are interested in deepening your yoga practice, I would recommend taking the journey to Grenada and completing this training with her. I am so grateful to have shared this practice with her and to train with an incredible teacher. I am humbled to share this practice with other yogis as an instructor and am forever grateful for my time in this training.

Namaste Miranda,

Thank you so kindly for this heartfelt and beautiful note, we are our teachers and students within the Yoga community. We are as loving and as strong as our teachers and students and together we will continue our journey towards self-realization and union. We miss you and wish you continued success at home in Seatle.

In Gratitude

by Kathrine Krarup on Fountain of Youth Yoga
Simply amazing

I stayed in Grenada for five months doing volunteering work. During my five months I did yoga with Mit Sukha every week. Doing yoga with her is absolutely one of the best yoga practices I've had. The studio is perfect located and you can hear the waves from the beach while practicing. You always feel welcome in her studio and she always meets you with warmth and a smile! Mit Sukha introduced me to wall yoga which is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend going to the studio. Everyone I brought to the studio also absolutely loved it!I also did her eco tour which was an unforgettable experience. We started early in the morning doing yoga with a breathtaking view at fort Frederick. Afterwards we went to the volcano lake in the rain Forrest where we meditated and had a lovely vegetarian lunch and homemade tea. I really enjoyed the trip. You also get to take awesome pictures of yourself doing yoga at a beautiful location.Mit Sukha is awesome, and I'm looking forward to going back one day soon! I really miss Mit Sukha and doing my practice at her studio!

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