Sugarloaf Private Island Vacation Retreats

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7:00 - 18:00

Sugar Loaf Island, St. Patrick's, Grenada


Give yourself a weekend to unwind, rest and relax on a private island.  Look forward to daily Yoga, pranayama and meditation classes. Enjoy three healthy light meals per day, quiet and peaceful time to swim, hike, read and nap.  This experience will offer you the opportunity to step out and disconnect completely from the bustle of daily life.  Enjoy the sound of the waves from the time you awake till you go to bed.  Enjoy quiet time by a bonfire and gaze up at a sky full of stars, more stars than the grains of sand on the island.  Please email to book and secure your spot, cost of the retreat is us$500 per person, book in pairs and receive us$100 off.

200HR Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Training in Grenada

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