Complimentary Relaxation Practice on Insight Timer App

Audio Relaxation Insight Timer

The practice of relaxation is effective when it includes deep diaphragmatic breathing (pranayama), withdrawing the mind from the external pull and distractions of the senses (pratyahara), be able to strengthen the mind’s ability to be focused and present (dharana) and the practice of meditation (dhyana). Regular practice of the listed above can help decrease mental and physical tension, pressure, stress, anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, inability to focus, high blood pressure and much more. From my personal practice and teaching experience, doing all of these practices in that order will make meditation a lot more accessible and beneficial. If you do these practices regularly, you will begin to notice an increase in your ability to be patient, calm, peaceful and joyful. It will help you to also embrace more positivity, compassion and understanding of self and of others.

Click on the following link and begin to learn and practice effective systematic relaxation on insight timer. The app is free to download and these are complementary practices, please feel free to contact me for any further information or assistance.

Audio Relaxation Insight Timer


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