Peace is found in the infinite.

The one sure way to know the difference between what is infinite and finite is this, all that is infinite grows & strengthens while that which is finite leads to an endless path of maintenance and repair which always involves struggle and suffering. No matter how much work you put into keeping your body looking fit and youthful it will eventually expire! The body is supposed to be a temple for the Soul to experience life. It has rules based on the finite world, so it will with time change shape, looks and abilities. No matter how obsessed we become with trying to keep it looking a certain way, it will continue to change until it passes on. We can experience heaven or hell with the body based on our thoughts and feelings about it, it’s just the law that it abides by. Learn to be grateful for your body, give up the war with its look and how it should be. Appreciate it for the precious incarnation that it really is. A channel for Spirit and Soul for peace & love 🕉

Compare that to the practice of meditation, the more and longer I meditate, the more Self-love, joy and inner peace I experience. These experiences grow and strengthen, meditation is part of that which is infinite within and without. For those of you who tell yourself, meditation is too hard, I just can’t do it, my mind wanders too much, etc. etc. Everything worthwhile is challenging at first, don’t let excuses stop you from meditating and connecting to the existing joy, love and peace of higher Consciousness. The Bhagavad Gita states: “On this path effort never goes to waste, and there is no failure. Even a little effort toward spiritual awareness will protect you from the greatest fear.” No matter how much time we spend trying to perfect the body, the work seems never-ending and ultimately it will bring struggle and suffering. But in meditation, the work grows and strengthens with each practice, one’s experience of Self-love, joy and inner peace multiplies. Practice all eight limbs of Yoga especially limb seven, Dhyana/Meditation.

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