Why is life such a mystery?

“Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” Forrest Gump :) Does life feel like a big mystery to you at times? yes? no? sometimes? all of the above?.  Many of us push through life for days, weeks, months and years due to our belief or cultural conditioning of what we have been made to believe about our life’s journey.  The basic formula education+career+relationship+family+friends+community is what life is all/only about.   If you live long enough this formula can become dull and routine with the occasional or frequent ups and downs.   Here’s the thing though, life’s journey requires a big chunk of our time spent understanding the knowledge that makes it fulfilling and meaningful and less of a guessing game, most of us follow the basic formula and our journey becomes a huge to do list to meet the demands of this formula.

Life does not have to be such a mystery or guessing game, majority of our time here is not meant to be taken up by these excessively/unnecessary long do list, but rather by exploring and trying to understand the wisdom and truth of life.  Striving towards a place of  balance between these two states should be the aim. Try not to fill your life with long do list, material must haves and meaningless relationships.  Rather create free time, space and breathing room to explore life and the lessons that will help you move towards self realization.   They are many centuries old publications/teachings filled with wisdom from teachers that came before that can help you decipher some of life’s mysteries/truths.  Books such as: the Sutras which the sage Patanjali organised into the 196 sutras/aphorisms, the Bhagadva Gita, the Upanishads and the Dhammapada to name a few.  The authors were all brave enough to take the road less travelled that led to a life filled with peace, truth, joy, love, contentment and self realization.   These teachings, so far, have stood the test of time, at first they are not easily understood because they require effort and time, but once understood they are extremely helpful guides towards self realization.

These publications share great insight into understanding the layers that make up a “human being” .  For example, the practice of Pranayama which is balancing and regulating Prana or vital energy through skillful  manipulation of the breath.  when done safely and correctly Pranayama practices will help guide one deeper inward to experience sense withdrawal, the breath is key to slowing doing the activities of the mind and concentrate long enough in order for the mind to find it’s resting and peaceful place, then the mind begins to move into the practice of meditation.  We are all seeking peace of mind, from that inward place we can see more clearly through the complexities and layers of body, mind, soul, life and Spirit. Just as we work hard to achieve worldly desires, life requires that we work hard to achieve self realization, our main purpose of life.

The Grenada Fountain of Youth Yoga and Meditation Wellbeing center is a place where you can explore the practices of  Raja Yoga/Ashtanga Yoga/the 8 limbs/the 8 fold path made up of Pranayama, Asana, Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana as we all work together toward Samadhi.  We offer: weekly Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation classes, 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings in a well equipped studio featuring a Yoga inversion wall, Yoga and Meditation Retreats and a weekly adventure filled Eco Yoga and Meditation Tour around beautiful pure Grenada.  Get in touch and stay in touch, email us at info@yoga.gd, full details on our website www.yoga.gd



I have been practicing and teaching Yoga & Meditation for over a decade. I live on the Caribbean island of Grenada with my husband, two kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a growing herb and veggie garden.  I am looking forward to hopefully a time where my days are filled and truly integrated with the practice of the eight limbs of Yoga, it may require digging a cave in my backyard to retreat into complete stillness and bliss, which I am totally game for.  Meanwhile my team and I operate Fountain of Youth Yoga & Meditation Well Being Center situated in Morne Rouge on Grand Anse beach.  We look forward to your visit and practice with us.

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