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It’s 2016 and many of us are still trying to plan ahead for the year, to fulfill goals, dreams, desires including myself. Finding the balance between planing ahead while still leaving room for some spontaneity. Honestly my nature is to do most things in the moment, so long term planning is not my strong suit, maybe because I am very aware that tomorrow is never promised. If you are interested in doing something, now is always the best time to begin. Once you take that first step, then you take another, then another..

Beginning a Yoga and Meditation practice is not complicated, with the right teacher and class level you will soon be on your way to one of the best preventative health care practice there is. Yoga and Meditation requires one thing, your willingness to begin and to persevere. No one can do the work for you, only you can :) Once you decide to practice then you will begin to see and feel the changes physically and mentally.

Most people want to know how can they start, if you are in Grenada, send us an email or call us to help you get started. If you would like to try some poses on your own, here are my top recomended yoga poses for beginners and for all levels, as advanced practitioners keeping a beginners mind approach to our practice is always recommended. These poses are specific to opening the body where most of us experience major tension and tightness, to help strengthen the body and to rest the mind and body. One of my main teaching objectives is to always introduce beginners to an enjoyable and relaxing practice that will inspire them to continue to explore and connect to their bliss, ease and wellbeing.

1. Savasana pose – start by lying on your back and make sure your legs, hips, spine, shoulders and head are comfortable. Spend 3-5mins with the eyes closed just noticing your breath and relaxing your body.

2. Hug both knees to your chest for 1 minute – notice your lower back, front of your hips and keep the shoulders and jaws relaxed. Slowly bring yourself to a seated position.

3. Seated twist pose – sit tall and keep your right leg extended and bend the left leg, hold the left leg with your right hand and close to your belly, place your left hand behind your left hip and create a gentle twisting feel in the belly and the spine. Hold for 1 min, focus on expanding your breath behind your heart and between your shoulders blades and along your side ribs. Repeat with other leg bent and other leg stretched etc.

4. Tadasana pose – stand with your feet wide as you hips, take your hands behind your back and join your fingers together, squeeze your shoulder blades together and extend your arms as best as you can. Hold for 30 secs to a min focus on taking deep breaths in and slow breaths out.

5. Tadasana side bend pose. – stand with the feet hip wide, keep your right hand on your hip and stretch your left arm to the right, repeat on the other side, holding for 30 secs to a min. each side focus on taking deep breaths in and slow breaths out.

6. Hip flexor stretch pose – Stand near a wall and hold on to the wall as needed – bend one knee and bring foot to bum and hold on to the foot, stand firm and strong. Stretch the front of the hip, thigh and knee repeat on other leg. Hold for 30 secs to 1 min.

7. Wall downward dog pose- stand facing a wall place hands shoulder wide on the wall, walk the feet back, keep feet under the hips and as wide as your hips. Keep the arms straight from the wall, keep the ears between the biceps to stretch the back of the neck. Gently stretch your back and legs. Hold for 1-3 mins focus on taking deep breaths in and slow breaths out.

8. Shalabasana locust pose – lie on your tummy on an exhale lift the head and keep the back of the neck lengthened, lift the shoulders and arms. Squeeze the shoulder blades to each other, tighten the bum and legs and lift the legs pointing the toes back. Hold for up to 30secs, connect to a gentle and calming inhale and exhale.

9. Viparita Karani or legs up the wall – At a wall, lie on your back and place your legs on the wall – keep the spine and hips comfortable on the floor, legs close then wide apart. Hold for 3-5mins focus on taking deep breaths in and slow breaths out, hug the knees for 1 min.

10. Supta Baddhakonasana – Lie on your back with the knees bent, open the knees apart and touch the soles of the feet together, relax the arms, shoulders and jaw. Focus on taking deep breaths in and slow breaths out hold up to 5mins.

11. Savasana – lie on your back and make sure your legs, hips, spine, shoulders and head are comfortable. Spend 3-5mins with the eyes closed just noticing your breath and relaxing your body.

12. Find a comfortable seat on the floor or on a chair, close the eyes and focus on the breath, give thanks for all that is good in your life and try to continue your day in a peaceful and calm manner.


Please feel free to send me an email at info@yoga.gd and let me know your experience or if you have any questions. To receive more information on a Yoga and Meditation practice and this sequence with pictures please sign up to our newsletter.

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga & Meditation for over a decade. I live on the Caribbean island of Grenada with my husband, two kids, 3 cats, 2 dogs and a growing herb and veggie garden. My team and I operate Fountain of Youth Yoga studio situated in Morne Rouge on Grand Anse beach. We offer daily classes in a well equipped studio with a Yoga wall, an amazing Eco Yoga and Meditation tour on the island, a 200hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training, wellbeing Yoga vacation Retreats and workshops.

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